Sunday, July 21, 2013


My heart and thoughts are with my friends affected by the recent quakes and aftershocks in New Zealand...

MMLL ~ I'm there, holding your hand and helping you cuddle Nellie ~ please get some sleep.



mollie said...

You're a beautiful friend, bobbie. Thank you for caring - it means a lot. Writing this from computer at Women's Centre and so far so good! (P.S. cat's name is Millie LOL) xxoxx

bobbie said...

My abject apologies to Millie!! give her a good cuddle from me when you get home ~

Art and Sand said...

I have not been paying attention to the news - a bit I heard on NPR said listening to the news was bad for your health.

I will have to go learn about the quakes in New Zealand. Thanks for keeping me informed.

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my gosh, while I was away I had no idea this even happened. Hope
everyone is O.K?
Hugs Lynn

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