Saturday, September 21, 2013

***UPDATE*** ON "TWoOz" in 3D/IMAX

G.O.!!! GOGOGO!! GoGoGo!! Call in sick, call in dead, leave your honey standing at the alter... Just GO!! Awesome, magical, fantastic, stupendous, fabulous, outstanding, wonderful... You will see things you NEVER saw in the on TV versions, or the original screen version... things that are enhanced by either the 3D or the IMAX or a combination of them... Amazing!! GO! DAMNIT! Google ~ get your heads out of your damn asses and fix the blogs so sentences don't run on, and so that there actually paragraphs where we want them!!


Lynn Stevens said...

O.K I guess I had better go see it.
Hows your project coming along?
Hugs Lynn

bobbie said...

My project is proving I'm a lousy painter!!! Off to look for "rose pink" spray paint tomorrow or Tu!!!

Laurel Stephens said...

Must have been REALLY good! I love that movie!

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