Monday, October 7, 2013


...She REALLY dumps on you.

I just got a call from my Sister ~ her hubbie has had a bit of a health emergency, and she won't be able to come tomorrow.


Worried like heck about him...

Disappointed as hell about not seeing Sis...

Worried about Sis...

Worried about some other people who are close who are dealing with really tough times...  and there's not a BLASTED thing I can do to help them right now.


UPDATE ~ BIL is on his way home... none the worse for wear. YAY!!!


Art and Sand said...

I am so sorry. I knew you excited about your sister's visit. And I know you are worried about your friend.
Hang in there, think good thoughts and if the weather permits, get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of the day.

My thoughts are with your friend.

mollie said...

I'm so sorry :(
Sending immediate and extra strong love-vibes your way my dear friend, to surround you and all those you care about <3 <3 <3

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