Saturday, October 25, 2014


Jack Bruce ~

May flights of angels sing you to heaven ~~~


Art and Sand said...

Steve had to tell me who Jack Bruce was.

I am feeling much better, after 2 units of blood from a transfusion, and able to sit and read blogs. It will be awhile before I am creative, but I will get there.

June said...

I wish I would have let you know I was coming to town too. It would be fun to meet.
My mom, daughter and sister and brother and SIL were all asking me to come this way and that. I spent two days with my daughter in Boise redoing her livingroom with new curtains and hanging pictures etc. Then my SIL and brother had us to the airfield to watch my SIL skydive after learning she has cancer and starting treatments this week. I also had a wonderful time with mom and my sister. My other sister who lives in the town I live then came and joined us Sat & Sunday. It was good to get away, but even better coming home to Dale and Landon :)
I hope all is good with you Bobbie and have a wonderful day.
sending hugs...

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