Sunday, December 21, 2014


My dear sweet hubbie got me the best Solstice gift ever!!

This is a book I first read in the 8th grade ~ circa '71-72. Bless you Mr. Jenner, for letting me read every single book you had in your classroom, and for understanding about the 'top shelf' reading places!

A passage from this book shaped 50% of my spiritual beliefs. MH swears I'm the most Christian atheist she has ever met, but I, of course, disagree with her interpretation.

Jim & I searched for YEARS for a copy of this book; sadly, it was out of print. At one point, while we were divorced, Jim found a copy of the manuscript ~ he painstakingly printed it out for me, page by page! {I told you he was a sweetie!}

We had about given up on ever finding a decently priced copy ~

But then Amazon came up with a 50th anniversary edition ~


The book is ~  "ALONE", by Admiral Richard E. Byrd. He wrote it about his time, not knowing whether he would live or die, at the South Pole in 1934.  It is a completely amazing story of survival and love.

The passage that has always affected me so deeply is on page 183 of this 50th anny edition.

Here is the Amazon link for the book...

Happy reading ~ and thank you so very much Jimbo!!


June said...

That was awesome that Jim gave you the book you have wanted for years Bobbie.
Yes, he must be a sweetie indeed!
sending hugs...

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