Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This is our sweet old man on his 12th birthday last week. He is up in Jim's chair, and has pulled the blanket down off the back of the chair and burrowed into it.
{click to biggify}

He is going a bit deaf and his vision isn't what it used to be, but he will still "strike a pose" (stack, in conformation show terms) with the best of them! Of all the many championships he won over the years, my favorite is "Champion of our Hearts!"

We love you, Geezer!


Art and Sand said...

Cutie patootie.

My daughter is hoping for a dachshund for her birthday this year from her boyfriend. She keeps sending me pictures of cuties.

mollie said...

He's completely adorable <3
And clever. Of course!

mollie said...

Forgot to say the most important thing - Happy 12th Birthday, Dear Bailey!!
Congratulations :))
Hope you get to do all your favourite things <3 xx <3

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