Sunday, June 17, 2018


We've had the most perfect day today ~ the kind of day I dream about! Woke up to soft grey skies, and lovely gentle rains. Had no particular plans. Lounged about with the Sunday paper and my beloved 'Jumbles' I thought about getting lost into a great British movie, but then decided to go upstairs and do a wee bit of straightening up in the studio...
The soft rain continued ~
Got a wee bit of straightening up done, and then relaxed into reading some SARK books ~
The soft rain continued ~
Read some more, then enjoyed a bit more substantial downpour, and around 3 PM, the rain finally ended. But our skies stayed a lovely soft grey ~ no glaring sunlight! We are due for more showers later, and I'm looking forward to falling asleep to their sounds.
Dear hubby fixed us a marvelous dinner of mahi-mahi with orange marmalade sauce ~
Now I'm up in the Nest, waiting to see what kind of creative inspiration strikes me. I want to work on something 'small', so we will see what happens!
Wishing you ALL perfect days!


Art and Sand said...

We could really use some rain.

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