Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chemo #3 was a Go!!

Duncan was able to get his chemo # 3 today; his CBC was perfect!! I had kinda thought it would be, as he has been so perky the last couple of days... And since they already knew how he reacts to the Vincristine, he was able to come home after only a few hours! The only bad news is that he has developed a bit of an infection in his right eye again (the one that got hit with all the radiation), so we've started him back on the ABX ointment. Hope fully it will clear up quickly.

Right now, he's carefully watching Jim, who is in the kitchen fixing dinner. He (Duncan!!) is doing his little huff & puff/whine & moan thing; bouncing from one front foot to the other! He's also being very careful to stay in HIS area, outside Jim's footpath ~ what a good pupper!!

The other good news is that he is starting to regrow the hair on his tummy (where they shaved it for the US), on his legs where they were searching for veins; and he is also growing eyelashes back on that right eye! Still nothing on the hyperpigmented skin around his eye, but that's the least of my worries!!

One of the girls at work was asking me about him yesterday ~ she said she loves her dogs, but that she would probably never do the rad tx./chemo thing for them if they developed cancer.
If we had not caught Duncan's CA as soon as we did, I'm not sure I would have gone full court press, either.
But that dog is my life ~ so I'm going to give him every chance I can, until I feel he is in pain, or too debilitated to enjoy life.


Auntie Em said...

If you commit to love a furr baby ya gotta do what you can do!!!

So happy for all you guys Cuz!!!

Ruth said...

Yay for Dunky!! DH & I do all we can for our fur babies, too.

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