Monday, February 18, 2008

Chemo #3....

... tomorrow is another dose of the Vincristine he rec'd week 1; but it's half again as much the initial dose... So I'm expecting him to be VERY sleepy not only Wednesday, but Thursday also. I just hope there are no other side effects.

In other news, yours truly returned to work last week (for the first time since just before T-day!!) Not only that, but I'm working 2 days this week!!!(Wed. & Thurs.) Yippee skipee!!! I need that pin money!!! And I've also truly missed the crazy gals there... It's one heck of a job when you walk in the door and the boss hugs you! :-)))

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all my SG friends who have stood with me the the last couple of days ~ you guys are the greatest!! And particular thanks are due to the one I've come to call "Kylie the Mad Kiwi"!!! Her friendship and humor have helped me "Kia Kaha"! (you didn't know I could speak Maori, did you?!?!)
Aroha nui, Kylie ~

I've started to work on my pages for Li's "Perception" swap. Last night I finally figured out a good design that allows for hidden journaling, so I'm going to stick with that basic design, but vary all the PP and embellies ~ should be fun!!

Till next time...


Unknown said...

Thinking of Duncan today. Sorry about everything else that went on. (((hugs)))

OGD Critic said...

does this mean I can put you back on the blog list?

Hugs to Duncan!

Auntie Em said...

Here's positive thoughts that he'll be able to get back on a regular schedule.

Yay Nina! Keep us on task for this blogging business.

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