Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yeah, yeah...

...I'm over-due for an update. But I just haven't been in the mood, ya know?

Duncan wasn't able to have his chemo on Tuesday ~ his white count was too low. We'll recheck, and try again next week. And I've been noticing it the last few days ~ he's lost some of the pep and vigor he had when we brought him home from WSU. All somewhat expected, but still disheartening. Esp. since it means he hasn't wanted to share morning chair time with me... :-(((

The GOOD news was that his amylase and lipase (pancreatic enzymes) levels were both WNL ~ Yayyyyyyyyyyyy on that!

Despite a high haze and some clouds, last night's lunar eclipse was way cool! Jim set his camera up and got a whole bunch pix... tomorrow we'll go thru them, and I'll post some of the best ones.

I've found a GREAT new (to me) blog site ~ The 15 minute lunch... (see Where I Go) ~ the guy is hysterical!! If nothing else, you MUST read his "1977 JC Penney catalog" post... I hurt myself laughing!!!
And at P Dubs blog, I didn't make into her top 6 list of finalists for Name that Photo, but something similar to mine did!! My title was "Real Men do Kids"; one of the finalists was "Real men wear toddlers". Hmmmph ~ of course I think mine is far superior!!!
:-))) Great photo, too...


Auntie Em said...

well kept it up will ya??? geez

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