Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To the Universe ~

I snail-mailed a deserved apology on 3/23 to a dear friend. Normal mail to this person takes 4-5 days, max.

I have rec’d no response whatsoever from this person. On the 27th, I Emailed her, asking if she had rec’d what I sent. I’ve yet to receive a response.

This leads me to one of these sad conclusions ~

1) USPS lost my card, leading my friend to conclude I have made no effort to apologize, and so she has ignored my Email.

2) My friend did, in fact, receive my apology, but has rejected it. And will not do me the honor of saying so upfront.

3) Well, #3 does not even bear thinking about ~ and it would be a sorry & tragic end to a wonderful friendship.

I am asking the universe for help with this one, because I truly miss my friend who has stood by me through thick and thin. I miss her wisdom, her giggles, her warmth, and her sense of the absurd (so like mine!).

Sending this out ~



Kylie said...

Oh my! Um, I'm voting for #1.

Do I get a vote?

Auntie Em said...

I didn't get it! I didn't get it! I didn't get it! I didn't get it! I didn't get it! I didn't get it!

And I was composing in my head a response to your email....

Okay, enough, apology accepted!!!!

damn po

bobbie said...


Robin said...

Oh how sad ... glad it had a happy ending.


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