Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunshine Part II

Glory Hallelujah!!! We've had lovely, glorious sunshine FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday we had the house open almost all day ~ took the hooligans for a long walk (which they adored) ~ and I made the first official rounds of the garden for the season...

All kinds of lovely new life is poking it's head up...

~ buds on the red-barked maple, the lilac bush, the crabapple tree & the twisted cherry
~ tulip and iris shoots peeking shyly out of the bark dust
~ budlets on every single rose bush
~ new growth on all the ground covers

I pulled up some weeds (why MUST they be the first growing things in my garden???), and did some trimming (thus engendering the season's first gardening backache!)

Today was just as sunny, though with a bit of wind... still had the house open all day. Sat out in the afternoon sun with a glass of wine ~ what joy!!!

Hopefully, the rest of our winter will be as mild as it has been. We're due for more sun for the next 4-5 days ~ and I'll be out enjoying it all!!!

I knew something good was going to be happening ~ Monday late mroning, there was a robin red-breast in the front yard, twittering away, pleased as punch with the world!!


Opening ceremonies? Absolutely wonderful!!! Beijing was spectacular but soul-less, militarish, cold.
Canada ~ warm, inventive, inviting! I especially loved that they truly honored the aboriginals of the area... The whales were AWESOME, as were the aurora borealis, and the use the designer made of just those 3 circles and some projectors.

The death of the luger ~ I cried. 'Nuff said.

I will never, never, never understanding the scoring system for the skating... of course I've been saying this for how many years?? So once again, I'll just enjoy ~

Yay for Lindsay, Apolo and Seth!!

Curling ~ I'll never understand the appeal, but what the heck... let those who do enjoy it.


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