Monday, March 29, 2010

Gig Harbor...

So I finally got to meet Pondie and his wife IRL!!

The short little flight over was fantastic ~ it was an absolutely clear day, and I could see ALL the big mountains (volcanoes) clearly! Baker, Rainer, Adams, St. Helens and even Mt. Hood!! The ride takes you just to the north of Rainer, and it was SPECTACULAR!Rainer ~

Pondie recognized me before I even saw him ~ it was like meeting up with a big brother you haven't seen in a couple of weeks... In 5 minutes I felt like I'd known him my whole life!!

We went to the Tacoma Art Museum (an Impressionist's exhibit!), to a wonderful Irish pub for lunch (the best roast beef sandwich EVAH & Guinness) and to a lovely used book store (I was good and only bought one book!)
Then we went to the LSS in GH itself ~ Heavenly!! I managed to restrain myself and only bought a few little embellies for ATCs, even though they had the newest Basic Grey papers in ~ I still can't believe I "just said no" to them! Self-restraint really suck sometimes ;-)))
Then I finally got to meet Miz L., who is every bit as charming and funny IRL as she is on the phone ~

Saturday we had a lazy morning ~ then we made up for it in the afternoon! The Glass Museum was stunning , esp. the "Hot Shop" where you can sit and watch the people making beautiful glassworks. I would love to go back and spend more time there ~ below are some link for the 2 main exhibits... ... ingletary/

And as usual, the Chihuly pieces were exquisite!!the part of the museum of Glass where the Hot Shop is located ~

Then it was back to the GH LSS, to see their ATC's, and to show them ours (from Swap #3) ~ I'd give my eye teeth to live near that place!

GH itself was just like everything you've ever read about it ~ charming little "Carmel" style shops, and wonderful old houses ~ lots of Craftsman style homes that had me drooling...

Pondie & L's house was fabulous ~ chock full of personality & comfort & magical things~ and absolutely STUFFED with books! They have a large pond out back (a mile and a half around)
with lots of duck and geese visiting, wonderful old firs, and a lovely peaceful feeling.
I can't wait to go back!!
The boyos were happy to see me when I got home!


The Lion's Share said...

How lucky you are!!!

Auntie Em said...

OHHHHHH I would have died crossing those mountains! Great shot though.

Looks like the kind of trip that after I got my feet on land I would have had a blast!!!

Auntie Em said...

Oh funny, the security code is dogivess, very appropriate.

bobbie said...

you would have REALLY hated the trip home ~ WAY bumpy!!

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