Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm becoming an OB nurse!!!

A moment here, to allow old friends to pick their jaws up off the floor!

Now that your asystole has been successfully treated... I will add "of the canine variety"!!

My friend Kathy bred Seamus' aunt to Seamus' brother ~ sounds like a story straight out of Arkansas, doesn't it?!?! but I'm assured it is legal in all 50 states... ;-)))

Izzy is due on Saturday ~ cool beans. Initial ultrasound showed 5 puppers. About a week ago, K & I decided I should be there for the birth, as I am an honorary member of her canine family. I planned on going over to Boise on Friday.

We talked last night ~ and Kathy said she was thinking Iz might have as many as 8!!!!! puppers in there!!! (she had sent me a pic of her ~ she's HUGE!!!) So I offered to come over on Thursday instead, as K has to work on Friday.
K took her in this AM for a final Xray, and she was right... 8 EIGHT !!!!!!!!

Holy crap!!!

So I'll be heading out first thing Thursday AM. I'm head over heels excited, and worried, and a bit scared...



Auntie Em said...

LOL!!!!! Okay, mind if I send the friend I was telling you about to your blog? I think he'd like seeing those pics.

Scrappy said...

You had me going! I was like "no way!" Glad you get to be a doggie OB!

bobbie said...

No worries, Cuz ~ send him along!

Bonnie said...

OMG- a canine OB nurse-you'll be fabulous!
I hope that Izzy and her pups come through labor and deliver safely!

ladynurse4 said...

My jaw dropped too. HA! Congrats on your first delivery!

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