Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have been wanting to change the look of C. Pie for quite some time now... so here 'tis!! We're still doing a bit of tweaking, but the renovation is 98% complete.

I can not thank Sharon of PlumRoseLane enough for the work, attention to detail and creativity she put into my makeover ~ she really listened to my wants & needs, and combined the 2 beautifully ~
She was also patient with my techno-challenged self, for which I am VERY grateful!!

So ~ go, have a look 'round, then leave me (and Sharon) some love!!!


mollie said...

Your new look is delightful!
It makes me smile and smile.
I'm in love - I've been gazing at it for more than 10 minutes <3
Clever you, bobbie and clever Sharon :))

PinkSpazz said...

i LOVE it! :D

Kylie said...

I like it!!! I really want to have two side bars too (one on each side), but haven't found anything simple enough for me yet. LOL. Great new look!

Lo said...

Bobbie, dear........I like your new look, but, for us half-blind old bats is there any chance you could make the tint under the text lighter in color or maybe white?

Also....I had trouble finding how to bring up the comment box....maybe because of my vision problems.

Love, Lo

Bonnie said...

Bobbie - I like the new look-very fresh and bright!

pkt said...

Lovely. Kudo's to you both.
the dull friend

Swee Pea said...

How very delightful this is! Warm - inviting - insuring - and it makes me wanten for mor time and adventure. Congratulations to you both!

Mamawolf said...

I love the new look and the colors. The font is elegant but a little hard for me to read. I also have vision problems.

TopazPearleGirl said...

Love the new look but then again I love your blog no matter what!

Donsie said...

Hi!! I am a new blogger...I have had a site for a while, but just now starting to blog.. I also have my background from Plumrose Lane.. I am so delighted with mine too.. Yours is WONDERFUL!!
Winnie the Pooh is my favorite.. I used to read the series over and over to my oldest son when he was small, and he just loved the album with all the songs.. we would sing them hour on end!! here is my blogspot if you get a chance to look.. Blessings.. Donna

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