Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Ultimate in B.S.!!!

So I received my quarterly statement from my miniscule nest egg company today... and I was actually looking through it!! (Only because I thought some of the lawyer-speak gobbledy-gook in it would make some good ATC backgrounds ~ which made the husband LOL!)

Anyway, I found this little gem of utter and complete bullshit in there, and I thought I'd share it with you ~~

"The second section of the table, "Hypothetical", provides information about hypothetical account values and hypothetical expenses based on the Fund's actual expense ration and an assumed rate of return of 5% per year before expenses, which is not the Fund's actual return. The hypothetical account values and expenses may not be used to estimate the actual ending account balance or expenses you paid for the period."

Even just typing that makes my head hurt!!


mollie said...

So can I assume (hypothetically of course) that that piece of actual writing is now in place on an ATC card (in reality)?

bobbie said...

LMAO, Mollie-kins ~

And it will be a special one just for you!!!


Bonnie said...

Bobbie, I took some paralegal courses back in the 70's, and one of my instructors told our class point blank that if we pursued careers in the legal profession we would lose any ability to write-and the example you posted proves that!

Plumrose Lane said...

Now if we could just come up with a way to make all these companies hypothetical, what a wonderful world it would be. ;D

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