Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today was my beloved Peanut's first birthday. Not bad for the puppy who, when the vet saw her 8 hours after birth, said he didn't think she was going to make it!

A short review, for those who weren't around then ~ Peanut was one of six pups; she was the first born. All her others sisters were 8 to 9 oz ~ she was only 6. Hence the nickname of Peanut.

And she was MINE from the second she popped outta her Momma.  :)
Breeder & BF K. and the husband didn't know it, but I did.

We had to take Momma in to the emergency vet because she was having much trouble delivering the 6th pup ~ who turned out to be stillborn.
That was when the ER vet said he didn't think Peanut would make it.

And that is why, as a celebration, K. and I took Peanut and her sister Meagan to the same ER doc tonight. He was thrilled to see them, and loved that my baby has done so well; he was especially impressed when I told him about having to do CPR on her when she was 3 days old!!

And I got to say ~ in the nicest way possible ~ "Neener, neener, neener" to the vet, and that I'd never been so happy to have a doc be so wrong!!

 So here is to my...

Nutty Butty
Nutter Butter
Squirrelly Girl
Stink Pot
Nut Butt
My Sweet Baby Girl ~

Long may you run ~~~

PS ~ All the hooligans are getting bathed this weekend, so I will try to get some good pix.


Lo said...

Hurray for Peanut and YOU.

Love, LO

mollie said...

That year has gone so fast! Happy First Birthday celebrations to Peanut and her family <3 <3 <3

Lynn Stevens said...

Awe, Well happy Birthday to little Peanut. So glad the Dr. was wrong!
Enjoy her kisses.
hugs Lynn

Katie, aka RFB and PinkSpazz said...

happy birthday Peanut! :D

Spazz ;)

CATHY said...

My mom's last two babies have been the last two to pop out and both were/are the most precious dogs ever! Love all her names!!

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