Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The Bad ~ 

the Artistic Souls of Eagle will not be able to meet up to work on our projects this month...   Poo.

The Good News ~

3 of the ASE ladies will be able to meet up this Friday for lunch, and a bit of crafty shopping...
I am SO looking forward to this!

More Good News ~

My sister is coming for a visit!!!!!!!!


{turning cartwheels!}

 I am so durn excited!!!  She will probably be coming the second week of October, staying for 4 nights with us...

She has the makings of a scrapbook she would like me help her put together; I told her the only way I could do it was if she was there to help me w/ names, dates, etc...

So here she comes!!!



Art and Sand said...

I want to see a photo of the cartwheels!

How fun that your sister is visiting. My sister is just 90 minutes away, but she travels for work. If I can get her to come visit me, I will also do cartwheels.

Have fun at your lunch on Friday.

mollie said...

Sending a hug to soothe your disappointment about the ASE meeting, but smiling and happy about all the good news :D (I was going to try the cartwheel thing with you, but decided against it LOL)

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