Friday, March 6, 2009

Back to work...

So I went back to work on Wednesday, for the first time in over a month. Man, I missed that place!! And I got a wonderfully gratifying 'Welcome Back' from the gang including boss Julie ~ I felt wrapped in a warm fuzzy all day! And it looks like I'll be working more than normal thru this summer ~ one of our eye docs will be running 2 rooms for a while, and I'm going to be doing a lot of filling in for vacations doing PACU... I am SO blessed to have found this job!
My throat was a bit dry all day, but I had expected that. Did a bit of coughing, but nothing desperate, thank the universe!

This crud I've had, and that is going around, is awful because it is lingering for so long. I've talked with people all over the country who have either had it or know someone who has ~ the normal course seems to be about a month, give or take a week. Bleah!
The other thing I've noticed is that no-one's doc seems to know what to call it! Not the flu, because that doesn't seem to have mattered... my doc called it walking PNA & a sinus infection... weird.

My other milestone for today was going back to the gym! I didn't push it; did just one set each of the core/ weight stuff, and only did half my normal time on the treadmill. I wasn't exhausted afterwards, but I was pretty tired. Lo, how the mighty have fallen!!! And they've gained a few pounds, too ~ double Bleah!!!

I'm hoping to get a bit of gardening done this weekend... there is new growth at the base of the snapdragons out back, there are buds on the roses, and the bulb shoots are really visible now!


Scrappy said...

Glad you are finally coming out of it and to think you got it here:-( What is the weather like there?

Kylie said...

Snap dragons - that takes me back to my childhood - they used to grow in the gardens outside all the classrooms at school. I'm sooooooo happy to hear you are finally feeling better!

Geri said...

Thinking about you ! ! !
Been working in the yard some - I see you are doing a little gardening yourself... for now, I just pulled some "junk" outta the garden and am planning to plant next weekend.
I didn't know you are working out ... what all are you doing? I've been working out since mid December - I finally purchased a treadmill so I can do the walking part of it at home.
Hope to see you around now that you are feeling better!

Auntie Em said...


Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are feeling a bit better

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