Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The SGN BaRm!

This mini-mural is in the bathroom off the Sea Gypsy's Nest. My wonderfully talented friend painted the sea horse for me, based on the cover of a book. Thanks so much, Lynn! As always, click to enlarge the pix ~

Of course I had to have her sign her work!!
The bathroom off the Sea Gypsy's Nest. It was originally a gah-dawful shade of rotten chocolate brown; it made the bathroom feel like it was about 3 foot square. Depressing, to say the least! And yes, it feels MUCH larger now !

Another view ~

I was inspired to add the sea glass and sand by the bathroom in my all time favorite restaurant ~ The BeachHouse Bistro in Morro Bay, CA. Thanks, Liz, for the inspiration~ miss you guys much!

Sand from Montana de Oro SP ~ Spooner's Cove ~

Sand from Morro Bay State Park Beach ~

The little cove next to the toilet ~ a huge thank you to the LLMarvelousMollie for the gorgeous Paua shell!!


mollie said...

I really couldn't love that more! It's perfect. Clever you :-) The seahorse is wonderful and thank you for displaying the paua shell! It's a beautiful bathroom now <3

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Hometown sand! We're just down the street from the Bistro. Can't even imagine a chocolate brown bathroom - love your ocean theme.
Erin in Morro Bay

Lynn Stevens said...

So fresh and wonderful Bobbie.
Finally got my email back. yeah ,now just 400 to answer. LOL
hugs Lynn

Plumrose Lane said...

How fabulous ~ isn't it wonderful to have talented friends!? Love the other goodies you added to ~ I miss finding sea glass on the beach, great memories!

PinkSpazz said...

very nice Bobbie!! :D

Decor To Adore said...

I absolutely adore the color choice you made! Seahorses are a favorite of mine too!

Anonymous said...

Lynn did a wonderful job on the seahorse, I love it! I also like the way you lined the sink area with sea glass, very pretty.

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