Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hi, gang! I would like to encourage you to visit Karen Valentine's  wonderful blog to see all the beautiful creative spaces she is hosting!
Scroll down in her right sidebar to get to the list of participants.

There is every kind of crafty space you can think of ~ converted closets to very spacious rooms...  decorative touches from priceless antiques to unique upcycling...

It's so fun to catch a peek at everyone's special touches ~

I participated last year, but there was just too much going on for me this year. I do intend to 'play' again next year..


PS ~ to see my space, see the very top of my right sidebar.

Hey ~ look!!!  Paragraphs again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YIPPEEE!!!   ;)


My Creative House said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I took a look at your creative place, so beautiful and with lots of wonderful things.

Kathy said...

Thank you for visiting me today. I checked out your post from last year and adore all that space you have in your room - wowza!

mollie said...

Sending you a wave and hug xox

Romeo said...

I stopped by and was glad you had your link up from last years studio party. I enjoyed looking at all your wonderful shelving and supplies! Hubby is a dear to have made you such nice accomodations! I admired your Snoopy lunch box!!! I had one when I was in second grade but don't know where or when it disappeared. How I loved that metal box that always seemed to smell like the wax paper my sandwiches were wrapped up in :) And as for Pooh Bear.... love the Tigger!!!! My favorite character and Romeo's too ;) So a trip through your studio was enjoyable in many respects!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to point us in the right direction for last years post. Purrhaps next year?!?

"her" and Romeo

Kadee Willow said...

Weren't you the sweetest to leave a comment on my blog... loved hearing from you! So I hopped on over to yours and totally understand when other things take priority over wanting to play! As you could see from my studio, it's only the beginning and will probably stay that way for awhile until the rest of this little cottage is done! I was so tickled to see that you also hung a school award on your wall... so important to honor those times! And your space is HUGE! Anything that has two ceiling fans is huge in my book. And so much storage. So glad that you kept easy access for us to return to last year's party as I was glad to visit you!!

Helena White said...


Thanks so much for your kinds words. Love your spacious studio. I wish I had that much storage space :) Stop by anytime.

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