Thursday, June 26, 2014


The biopsy this morning went easily...  less than 5 minutes for the procedure itself. I spent more time hanging around for the numbing meds to kick in, and then waiting to see if I was going to have any excessive bleeding. (none)

I have no real pain; just a bit of an ache easily controlled with Ibuprofen.

So, if there is any bad news, we'll hear ASAP; if it is good news, it could take 2-3 weeks.

Doc still thinks it is benign after his closer look today.


I finally got my car back from the shop today!! Doing the Yippeee Skipeee dance here!  Looking at the front drivers side, you could never tell it had been smooshed ~

Off to play now that the Vitamin V has worn off ~


Art and Sand said...

I am sorry I missed your post yesterday or I would have wished you good luck. Glad the biopsy went easily, glad you got your car back and glad you got to visit Roses and Rust. I have heard of it and it sounds wonderful.

Carolyn said...

So happy for you; all is going well and I'm very pleased you didn't have to go out and buy a new car. Yours is as good as new now.


Bonnie said...

Glad you got the car back, and the antique show sounded like fun. Glad, too, that the biopsy went well, and will be thinking good, healthy thoughts for you, sweetie!

Laurel Stephens said...

Your previous post didn't go out to my bloglovin' feed, but it sounds like it's been an up and down few days for you; from getting your repaired car back to having a scary biopsy! Please keep us in the loop about your test results, and I hope you have an up day today! :)

mollie said...

Leaving you some love <3 xx <3

bobbie said...

Laurel ~ for some reason Bloglovin' does NOT like my blog ~ poo on them!!!

Lynn Stevens said...

Bobbie hope your Biopsy comes back with good news. and WOOOHOOO you got your car back. I had a blast at the show.
I'll call you tonight
Hugs Lynn

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