Sunday, June 22, 2014


Yesterday, I went to an antiques show at our fairgrounds, titled Roses & Rust. It was great!  I went with friends from both my art groups, then we went out to lunch & had a rollicking good time there, too!

I came home with a crewel-work tablecloth, an old 3 tiered rolling cart, a lovely rusted rake head (for storing gardening tools on), and an old fashioned articulated ruler.
Pix of those to follow soon ~ but I forgot to take pix of the show itself ~ mea culpa.
The show will be back in September, so I will be sure to take pix then!

If all goes according to plan, I will be getting car back on Tuesday, the 24th! As much as I have enjoyed the bells & whistles on the rental, I'm still looking forward to driving my 'real' car again!

Also on Tuesday, I will be meeting with an oral surgeon to be evaluated for a suspicious lesion on my upper palate. Depending on what he says, I may be getting it biopsied a bit later in the week.

Happy Creating, and Happy Summer!


mollie said...

Roses and Rust sounded lovely and I'm glad you found some goodies to bring home. Hope you're enjoying having your car back.
Sending a great many go well vibes for your visit to the oral surgeon xox

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