Sunday, February 1, 2009

From the Valley of the Sun...

Despite Betsie's opinion, I think the Phoenix area is lovely! Silly daughter...

Thursday night we went to dinner at PF Chang's ~ I could pretty much live on their lemongrass shrimp with garlic noodles! ~ we sat outside and were entertained by a live-wire waiter who did awesome impressions!

Friday we went to her wonderful LSS ~ I managed to get out with under $65 worth! We went to lunch, then she dropped me off at Carole's. It was wonderful seeing her again! She took me for a ride around her little area in Sun City in her golf cart (fun), and I got some great pix of cacti. Back to her place, where we killed a bottle of wine sitting on her patio, watching the sun go down, and being entertained by the quail and cottontails. We did lots of talking about our old adventures in nursing and friends from MCMC.

Yesterday, Betz and I took the kids to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens, and MAN did we get lucky! The glass artist Dale Chihuly has an exhibition going, and it was exquisite! The juxtaposition between the smooth glass and the cacti was awesome ~ I must have taken over 60 pix (I'll post some after I get home) We didn't get to see quite all of it, tho... It was quite warm (78), and the kids were getting a bit cranky, so we took them home ~ neither of us wanted to deal with a public meltdown!
Another way we got lucky ~ you were supposed to have reserved tickets to get in, and there were only going to be a limited # of tix available for walk-ins But we were able to waltz right in!! Thank heavens we didn't know about that before hand, as we might not even have tried to go!!

Unfortunately, I seem to have picked up some kind of bug (probably on the plane) ~ was sneezing and snotty all last night; woke up this morning with a sore throat and ears... but I shall soldier on ~ I'm sure I'll feel much better after a couple of margaritas this afternoon!!


Auntie Em said...

I love PF Changs!!! Phoenix is wonderful, glad you enjoyed your trip.

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