Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Surgery Update!!!

I just got fired as a patient.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I. Have. Been. Fired.

Because I wanted to ask him a question about decompression vs. transposition.

Guess his little ego just couldn't handle that.

His scheduler (who is the one he had call me w/ the news ~ the bastard didn't even have the balls to tell me himself!) said he said it was a personality conflict.

WHAT a f***head!!

Good riddance.

Now to find another arm surgeon ~ one who doesn't believe he is GOD.

One joke my patients always loved...

"What's the difference between God and a doctor?"


GB, RN said...

He sounds like an asshole, and you're probably better off going to a different doctor anyway. You probably asked him something he didn't know, and rather than look like a dumbass, he just fired you.

Good riddance, I say. Plenty more surgeons out there to pick from.

Good luck!

bobbie said...

Can't believe i left the answer to riddle out!!!

"God knows he's not a doctor!"


Elizabeth Golden said...

Having once been married to a surgeon....I can understand your dismay. obviously you need to get this fixed. It sounds painful. At my physical therapy there are several ladies there with shoulder an arm recuperations. I will say they seem to get in there and really work hard. Good news is that they tend to recover faster than us hip people.
On another note many years ago I injured my hand and had to have several sugeries. I spent a total of almost a year with out use of my right hand. You adapt a lot quicker than you think using the left. I just kept telling myslf "this is temporary". Keep us posted on this journey of yours.

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